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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order Future Loops products?

You can order all our products via our online secure shopping cart system.

What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay for Future Loops products with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

Is it safe to buy products from
Yes! It’s 100% safe to buy products from our website. All info you provide when paying for products purchased on our website is completely enclosed and secure thanks to Paypal integration system in our payment section.

Where do you ship Future Loops products ?
We ship Future Loops products worldwide. The best part is that there are no shipping costs. Buying Future Loops sample CDs means 100% free shipping always!

Why do some products have two different prices?
Currently you can buy two different versions of some products: Boxed version and Download version.

How long does it take to download a product?
Downloading ultimately depends on product’s size and your connection speed. Your download is active enough time for you to download your product safely and without any problems.

Why do you offer the box version ?
Many costumers still prefer a packaged version. For those who don’t want to wait for their sample pack, download version is ideal but getting the boxed version is the perfect way to match a great sample cd with a package and design to match. Our products look great on the shelves!

Where do you ship the Box Version packages ?
Our packages are shipped from California , US .

Do I have to pay Tax at Customs ?
Customs Taxes and Fees vary from country to country . Please consult your Customs rules if you have any doubts .

What is your return policy?
Unfortunately, if you chose to buy a downloadable product there are no types of returns. If you bought the shipped version of a product, a return can only happen if you receive the product with serious physical damage.for more information click here .

What Am I Actually Purchasing?
When purchasing a Future Loops sample cd you are acquiring a non-exclusive license to use the samples and loops in your own music compositions without having to pay any further fees . If you release any commercial song usign any sounds from Future Loops sample cds please drop us a line , we love to know what you are up to ! For further information on this please read our License Agreement

Why do some products have content duplication?
We like to offer users samples organized in more than one way. In some products you can find the same material under two different folders . Example : “assorted” and “sorted” loops. This is extremely helpful when browsing the sounds in different ways (if you want to browse only hits, if you want to browse only hhats or snares, etc..or if you want by tempo and beat folders)

How does the Loyalty Cash work ?
Every time you buy a product at you receive Loyalty Cash . You can use your LC as "virtual"cash in the shopping cart - allowing you to save money and get our packs at great prices !

I am trying to use Loyalty Cash but I get a message saying I can only use X ?

The maximum amount of LC you can use for any product is 50% of the original price .

 EXAMPLE : So if the product costs 10 EUR you can use up to 5 EUR of Loyalty cash .

 If the product is being sold at a discounted price the maximum LC you can use is the 50% of the original price MINUS the discount .

 EXAMPLE : So if the product costs 10 EUR and the discount is 2 EUR the maximum LC you can apply is 3 EUR.

 I’ve listened to some demos and they’re absolutely great! Who produces them and do they only include samples from each?
Our demos are produced either in Future Loops Studio or/and by the producers that make our products. They are a realistic showcase of what we’re offering and sometimes feature sounds not included in the sample cds in order to show users how far they can get and how much potential they have .You can also download for free some of the samples our products offer.

Are your products compatible with most popular audio software?
Yes. Product compatability varies according to each product. We’re offering most of our products in WAV and REX2 formats which work in all major audio software such as ProTools , Logic , Sonar , Live , FL Studio , Cubase , Acid , Reason etc..

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Our Artists & Producers
  • Gai Barone
    Italy / Progressive
  • Alex Smoke
  • Da Fresh
    France / Tech House & Techno
  • DJ Quest
    San Francisco / Turntablism
  • Zardonic
    Venezuela / Bass Music & EDM
  • Jonas Steur
    Belgium / Progressive House
  • Neil Perch Zion Train
    Germany / Dub
  • The Loops Of Fury
    London / Electro & Techno
  • Stickybuds
    Canada / Funkmaster
  • Haris C
    Cyprus / Trance
  • Zardonic
    Venezuela / Bass Music & EDM Powerhouse
  • Stewart Walker
  • Distance
    London / Dubstep
  • Matteo Marini
    Italy / House Music
  • Marcelo Salazar
    Brazil / Percussion
  • Rennie Pilgrem
    UK / Breaks
  • Consequence
    London / Drum & Bass
  • Beat Service
    Progressive Trance
  • Mike Clark
    New York / Funk / Jazz
  • Andrea Bertolini
    Italy / Progressive House