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    Select your plan

    Memberships are for a pre-paid subscription term ( 30 days for Monthly Plans and 365 Days For Annual Plans ).

    Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription term for another term unless you cancel your subscription before the Renewal Date.

    You can cancel your subscription anytime - no commitments and no cancellation fees!

    How Do I Earn Credits ?

    Subscribe to one of our membership plans and automatically earn credits : For Monthly Plans you earn credits every month and for Annual Plans you earn credits every year.

    What are Credits and How Do I Use Them ?

    You can use credits to download any sounds , samples , loops or presets for our website. To use them simple click on the USE CREDITS button for the sounds you want to download and the links wil be automatically added to your download area.

    How Much Is 1 Credit Worth ?

    1 Credit = £1

    So if , for example , you have 100 credits in your account that means that you can download £100 worth of sounds from our site!

    Why Should I Subscribe & Get Credits ?

    By subscribing to our plans you are actually saving big time!

    For example , if you subscribe to our Elite Plan you will get 1000 credits , so that means that you can download £1000 worth of sounds - however the Elite Plan only costs £99 so you are actually saving over 90%!

    What Are The Bonus Credits For Every Renewal ?

    At Future Loops we reward our loyal users so every time you renew your subscription you will earn even more credits ( for no extra fees) !

    PLUS+ members can grow their credit earnings to up to 47 Credits/month ; STUDIO members can grow their credit earnings to up to 83 Credits/Month and Elite members can increase to up to 1500 Credits!


    • Month 1 = You Earn 25 credits
    • Month 2 = You Earn 27 credits
    • Month 3 = You Earn 29 credits
    • Month 4 = You Earn 31 credits
    • Month 5 = You Earn 33 credits
    • Month 6 = You Earn 35 credits
    • Month 7 = You Earn 37 credits
    • Month 8 = You Earn 39 credits
    • Month 9 = You Earn 41 credits
    • Month 10 = You Earn 43 credits
    • Month 11 = You Earn 45 credits
    • Month 12+ = You Earn 47 credits


    • Month 1 = You Earn 50 credits
    • Month 2 = You Earn 53 credits
    • Month 3 = You Earn 56 credits
    • Month 4 = You Earn 59 credits
    • Month 5 = You Earn 62 credits
    • Month 6 = You Earn 65 credits
    • Month 7 = You Earn 68 credits
    • Month 8 = You Earn 71 credits
    • Month 9 = You Earn 74 credits
    • Month 10 = You Earn 77 credits
    • Month 11 = You Earn 80 credits
    • Month 12+ = You Earn 83 credits


    • Year 1 = You Earn 1000 credits
    • Year 2 = You Earn 1100 credits
    • Year 3= You Earn 1200 credits
    • Year 4 = You Earn 1300 credits
    • Year 5 = You Earn 1400 credits
    • Year 6+= You Earn 1500 credits

    Note : This bonus scheme for credits is for consecutive renewals only. If you cancel your subscription you will go back to Month1 ( monthly plans) or Year 1 ( annual plans). Example if you subscribe to the Studio Plan and keep renewing you will be earning 65 Credits by Month 6 - however if you cancel and then subscribe again in the future you will start from Month 1 again ( 50 Credits).

    Do My Credits Expire?

    No , your credits never expire and any unused credits you have are kept in your account forever!

    What Happens To My Credits If I Cancel My Subscription?

    Even if you cancel your subscription the credits will always be kept in your account until you are ready to return ( note that to use them in the future you will need to have an active subscription plan - users that do not have an active subscription are not able to use their credits).

    Can I Cancel My Subscription Anytime?

    Yes ! There are no commitments and you can cancel anytime!

    We have an easy 1-Click Cancellation system so if you want to cancel your subscription you just need to login and you are 1-click away from cancelling. No questions asked and no cancellaton fees!

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    Future Loops - Terms & Conditions

    The terms and the conditions below are valid to your use and experience of the website All actions (registering, placing an order, downloading files etc…) within imply that you have agreed with the following terms and conditions.

    Purchasing & Downloading of Legal Products

    Future Loops sells legal downloadable and/or CD/DVD products that are subject to a license agreement. Please read the license agreement to know how you can use our products and your rights.

    After purchasing a Future Loops product in digital format the links to download your files will be available on your My Account area. All digital downloads are available in .zip or .rar compressed format.

    Download links to your purchase are valid for a maximum of 10 days and/or 10 download attempts. Intellectual Property Rights & Website All materials at (including but not limited to product images , mp3 demos, pdf files, graphics, text, logos, photographs etc..) are either owned , licensed or authorized for use to Future Loops and protected by copyright unless otherwise specified. This means that you may not republish (in any way or form) as well as edit, duplicate, copy, sell, exploit, edit or modify any material on the website ( unless permission is obtained from Future Loops).


    Payments are made through secure transactions via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card. Download Links to your Future Loops product will only appear in your area after payment has been fully completed approved . If you are paying with eCheck the links will only be available in your area after the eCheck is cleared.


    By using you agree with our Privacy Policy.

    Technical Specifications

    When buying our products you agree to be responsible for handling and owning the necessary software and/or hardware to decompress our products and make use of the samples, loops, presets or other production sound tools.

    Restrictions to the use of our products & your account

    The use and the misuse of your personal Future Loops account is of your entire responsibility. Actions such as giving out or disclosing your account password to any third party are not authorized. If you wish to cancel your account at please contact our support team. You are strictly forbidden to copy any product with the intention to loan, broadcast, sell, send or just transmit to friends, family and everyone else. Any of these acts is a violation of copyright and can result in criminal charges. It is strictly forbidden to upload the products in products to file-sharing websites, P2P Networks, Torrents or any website that incurs in the illegal distribution of copyrighted material. Future Loops reserves the right to give our your details to authorities or manufacturers if we have proof you have illegally shared the Products.


    Future Loops tries to ensure that the website is up and running 24 hours a day, every day of the year, however we do not guarantee the availability of our service. future Loops will not be liable for the products you purchased after a download is complete. It is your responsibility to keep safe and backup all material. We do not guarantee the availability of links for products that are no longer sold at our website. If for some reason you need new valid links for any product from your purchase history please contact our support team here. Every case is handled in a one-off basis.

    Limitation & Liability

    Future Loops is and will not be liable or responsible in any circumstance for any loss that you or a third party has in direct or partial connection to or the services we offer. This includes but is not limited to any viruses that affect hardware equipment, software, data and related computer paraphernalia that happens in the use of this website and/or purchasing and downloading of products from Future Loops.

    Law & Jurisdiction

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    Errors & Omissions

    Future Loops cannot ensure this website is complete and 100% correct. We reserve the right to make changes to these terms & conditions, to our policies, product content and prices at any given time.

    Why You Love Future Loops

    REASON # 18

    Our sounds were onced used to test the effects music had on the reproduction of Pandas. True Story.

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    • You are a music genius
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    Future Loops Team

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    Matteo Marini Italy / House Music
    Beat Service Progressive Trance
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