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    Nuclear DNB

    This is the freshest, heaviest DNB library you can find out there, loaded with hard and heavy breaks, Fx, pads and all kinds of sounds that will make you drop the phattest tunes!

    Nuclear DNB

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    "Nuclear DNB” is Future Loops’ latest resource for powerful, groundbreaking drum and bass samples!

    This is the freshest, heaviest DNB library you can find out there, loaded with hard and heavy breaks, Fx, pads and all kinds of sounds that will make you drop the phattest tunes!

    When it comes to Drum n Bass, Jungle or Breakbeat, this is a true first-class sample pack filled with an awesome and truly diverse selection of the nastiest grooves!

    “Nuclear DNB “ will recharge your home studio with an “all you can mix buffet “of premium Drum n Bass beats!

    “Nuclear DNB ” is perfect for producers looking for those heavyweight Drum and Bass samples . The loops were kept nice and raw so there is plenty of room for you to tweak them just as you like them , but they are already high-class, superbly produced and professional sounds!

    The potential of this library is outstanding, we exceeded ourselves to give you top usability and flexibility in a collection of 6 star samples that is crying out for you to make killer tunes out of it!

    “Nuclear DNB ” is structured with the user in mind:

    Over 400 Full Mix Beats : each beat comes with at least 3 variations from the full mix .

    Over 300 Fills : We know you love fast rolling snare fills and wicked breaks!
    Over 620 Loop Elements : All the individual loop components (kicks , snares , hats , percussion ) in separate standalone loops for extensive usability and mixing control!
    Over 2000 Sliced Hits : We did all the work for you and provide you with all the beat slices so you can have 100% control of your grooves and develop completely new beats from scratch!
    Over 190 Processed Patterns: Highly processed beats and wild rhythmic patterns
    99 FX Loops : Over the top Drum n´Bass FX at 4 different tempos (160, 165, 170 and 175 BPM) .

    All loops in WAV and REX for maximum flexibility!

    With this cutting edge library we offer you a sneak peek of more than 90 mouth watering atmospheres from the Infinite Series Collection, that will spice up your curiosity and add even more juicy sounds to take your tracks into hyperspace!


    Perfect Tool For Drum N Bass Beats!


    It does not matter if you are a newbie or a veteran producer , by adding "Nuclear DNB" to your arsenal of samples you will load your studio with hundreds of professional Drum & Bass and Jungle loops! You can mix them any you way you want , you can play with them , slice them, trash them , process them... its all in your hands! We have made the loops hard enough to really get things going but you have a lot of room to give it your special touch.  


    Advantage of the Loop Elements:

    You will love how we included each element of a beat as a standalone loop . This really maximizes your mixing potential ! Now you are not limited to “just” the full mixed beat .. Have you ever had a beat that was perfect except for those strange maracas , or odd cymbals that just didn’t mix well on your track ? No problem , with “Nuclear DNB” you can use the Full Mix beat if you want or combine the KICK of loop A with the hats from loop B , with the snares of loop C and loop D . Its your decision , your call , your music ! With more than 600 standalone Loop Elements you will need months to drain all the juice from this baby!


    Want to create a new Drum & Bass beat from scratch?

    No problem . Once again we did all the boring , painstaking and tedious work and we sliced all the beats into individual drum hits , leaving you all the fun to use them to develop new and potent beats! There are over 2000 drum hits , all sliced and ready to be part of the next Drum & Bass classics!


    Tempos range from 160BPM-175BPM

    We developed “Nuclear DNB” in 4 different tempos : 160BPM , 165BPM , 170BPM and 175BPM . Styles range from spatial to jazzy , from hardcore to jungle .

    ( the demos above showcase some of the Full Mix beats , Fills , Loop Elements , Processed Patterns and FX loops present in " Nuclear DNB" )


    A Bonus Pack is also included !!

    To add icing on the cake we have included over 400MB of soundscapes , atmospheres , pads , textures and ambiences taken directly from the mind-blowing “Infinite Sounds From A Future Cosmos”.

    “Infinite Sounds From A Future Cosmos” is a 17GB collection with thousands of samples , and it is absolutely perfect for Drum & Bass production. You can learn more about it here

    GENRES : 
    SOUNDS : 
    TYPE : 
    FORMAT : 
    WAV , REX


    2.36 GB


    3800+ WAV Samples

    - 400 Full Drums

    - 300 Fills

    - 620 Drum Loop Elements

    - 2000+ Sliced Hits

    - 19 Processed Patterns

    - 99 FX


    1650+ REX Loops 


    Music producers and DJs looking for fast, hard breaks and fresh drum & bass, jungle or breakbeat beats.