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    Zardonic - Reinventing The Bass

    Future Loops teamed up with Zardonic to bring you a signature collection that was 100% crafted by the masked musical vigilante !

    Zardonic - Reinventing The Bas...

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    You can also use your CREDITS to download these sounds and instantly add the links to your user area without having to go through a payment page.
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    ** FREE LP with 9 exclusive tracks included in the pack **

    Future Loops presents the long awaited "Zardonic - Reinventing The Bass" - The wait has ended and one of the most exciting sample pack releases of the year is finally here! Future Loops teamed up with Zardonic to bring you a signature collection that was 100% crafted by the masked musical vigilante !

    This ferocious production tool covers ground throughout the Zardonic sonic universe allowing for total flexibility of use and crossing diverse genres brilliantly blending Dubstep, Drum & Bass, EDM and Metal! Zardonic aka Federico Agreda needs no introduction. The prolific electronic Producer and DJ extraordinaire has been destroying dance-floors , clubs and headlining festivals across continents for over 10 years with his unique take on EDM and Bass Music.

    With countless releases on labels like eOne, OWSLA, Planet Human & Big Riddim, Zardonic never stops blowing our minds , stimulating our musical awareness and collecting fans all over the world with his insane production skills and talent for live acts and DJ sets.

    Now you will have access to his own personal vault of sample goodies , bass , synths , beats , one-shots and studio tricks !

    Inside Zardonic - Reinventing The Bass you will find 891 samples & loops of pure BASS MUSIC delight!


    // Drums //

    Massive , Killer & Abusing drums - they wi'll shred your sound system to pieces - Full Breaks , Background Breaks , Distorted Breaks , Fills, Schranz...


    // Bass //

    Signature basslines that punch hard & low! // Guitar // Metal , Distorted and Filthy Guitars that bring out that cringing headbanger that lives in the darkest corner of your dreams!


    // Synth //

    Huge , Nasty & Dirty synths to give your tracks an instant shade of Hardcore! // FX // Disturbed.Caotic.Unsettling.




    // Drums Hits //

    Access the finest Bass Music drum sounds - carefully handcrafted and selected from the massive Zardonic collection of drum one-shots (Kicks , Snares, Hats , Cymbals , Percussion..)


    // Instruments //

    A section packed with serious production tools , featuring resampled instruments converted with powerful one-shot gems that will inspire you again and again, including Subs , Leads . Pads , Reeces.


    // FX //

    So much good stuff in here...Atmospheres , Grinders , Impacts , Robots , Uplifters , vocal name it , you got it!



    In an unprecedented and bold move Zardonic gathered some very special artists and friends to showcase the endless creative possibilities that this sample library opens up.

    The mission ? To create a full fledged Album were all the tracks were exclusively produced using sounds from the Zardonic pack.

    The outcome ? Almost 40 minutes of incredibly diverse and riveting music that features 9 tracks from 3D Stas, Blure , Damage INC , DenDerty , Dizelkraft , Esparta , Infradist , Turna and Volterix!

    The demo track for "Zardonic - Reinventing The Bass" is a mashup of these 9 tracks and definitely shows how much inspiration can be harvested from this collection and how it can be used in such different ways! Are you ready for Zardonic ? Unleash the bass dragons!


    891 samples & Loops

    270 Loops

    621 One Shots

    190 REX Loops

    726 MB


    Producers, DJS and musicians looking for expertly produced signature samples from a top talented producer with a distinct style!