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Over the past 15 years, Gai Barone has established himself as a premier dj and producer in the dance music scene. Gais solid discography includes extensive releases in top dance music labels such as Armada Digital, Afterglow Records, Coldharbour, Ultimate House, Ask4 and Mcgroove. His works have earned Gai Barone support and remixes requests from the likes of Markus Schulz (who named him as one of the top 5 newcomers of 2009), Store n Forward, Egostereo, Cid Inc. and many more. Gais releases at Future Loops are Gai Barone - Progressivo and eVOKATIVE - Massive Soundset.

FL – What are your main music influences? What drove you into dance music, more particularly, Progressive House?

I grew up listening to a lot of rock and electronic music, loving bands like early Genesis and Pink Floyd, but one of the most important influence comes from classical music definitely. and I´m in love with the Romantic period, Chopin is in the background right now. By the way I do not miss any track from Depeche Mode, one of the most revolutionary and bands and "punk" in the history of music in general. The dance music was born from a true passion, I loved to watch and listen to the dj since I was young, I usually went to the club in particular to understand how they play music, their skills and tricks.

From the producer point of view I´ve always been a musician, I startedto play the piano when I was four. Combination of two aspects was almost natural, passions are joined together and never separated. I feel very "progressive" in everything I do, in my mood, in my way of being, the way I talk, I play, how I live is progressive… so I do not think I´ve chosen this type of music, just that´s just me and what I produce is what I am .


FL – Do you use samples in your productions?

I use many samples in my productions, sometimes I start with a loop and then create another and another. Sometimes everything is based on creating a loop, and then everything comes from there. Have a listen to my track Amygdala, that’s a clear example, all started with a loop!!


FL – What is your normal setup when producing music? If Future Loops was to have a peek at your laptop what software would we definitely find open?

Cubase is my weapon with Ableton Live with Reason rewired.I tried numerous set-up, but in the end something always was missing. I use a lot of Future Loops, and the fact that there are Wav and Rex samples is a great source of inspiration and with a huge versatility. Sometimes I mix some loops together to create new ones, a massive plugin to do this is LoopMash from Steinberg, interesting tool indeed!


FL- Do you have a favorite VST plugin? What´s the audio hardware of your dreams (and do you have it yet)?

I love all the plugins from Native Instruments, Arturia, Spectrasonics and Access Virus:I think that these instruments are perfect for of pads, leads, bass lines, and can satisfy any producer from the lower to the highest level, I use to mix them with loops as drum beats, percussions, etc...There are a lot of hardware instruments compressors channel strips in my dreams, I would be happy to have a couple of Moogs and a good compressor for mastering, love SSL - XLOGIC G SERIES COMPRESSOR!


FL- Would you like to share a production tip with our users?

I don´t like recognizing some presets of well plugins in some tracks, even in very famous producers; I mean, there are so many possibilities to vary and tweak the sounds, why doing always the same things? Creating a track is something unique, different from the others, something that comes from me!


FL – When you first started producing music 15 years ago what software/hardware were you using ? And what changed the most in terms of your workflow while producing music since then ?

I started with a DOS computer and a, a rudimentary sequencer called Fastracker, with an internal 16-bit sampler, able to sample up to 9 seconds. As master keyboard I had a sampler, DJ Roland 70, very famous in the nineties, I use to take with me when I was playing in clubs as a DJ. Now everything is much easier and affordable for all, software houses evolved tremendously, and there are no limits but your own creativity.


FL – eVOKATIVE – Massive Soundset is able to provide users with a great deal of inspiration and ready to go sounds. Do you usually spend a lot of time focusing on the sound design part of music production, tweaking synths and pushing knobs?

Absolutely, every sound must belong to me, and should tell a part of me, my story. One sound is a voice of the track I am creating, that’s why I use to spend many hours, to create my sounds. Evocative soundset can also be a starting point to create leads and pads absolutely unique, I think Massive is one of the best instruments to do this.


FL – How do you see dance music today and where do you think it is evolving to?

There are two parts of dance music, one that evolves, and that is always looking for something new.Another driest, sterile made of patterns and sounds already heard, and that is always there. I hope tobring forward the first!


FL - In conclusion a word to the Future Loops and Gai Barone fans out there. What are in your opinion the highlights of Gai Barone – Progressivo and eVOKATIVE and how do you see them being used?

Well, the only thing I can say is that with these tools you have everything you need to produce very good dance music. I met so many producers who used these "weapons" and making a lot of tracks, even with a good success! So start with – Progressivo and eVOKATIVE tools and add “your soul”, clubs around the globe are waiting for you! BEAT SERVICE




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