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From the funkafied west coast of Canada, Stickybuds has been making his mark on music all over the globe. In the last few years he is found himself performing in 19 different countries, captivating fans wherever he goes. His work ethic and passion have also earned him a residency at Canadas Shambhala music festival (2005 – 2013), as well as performances at Glastonbury (UK), Splore Festival (NZ), Burning Man (USA) and the legendary Space club in Ibiza (ES).
With 23 releases on multiple labels, Sticky loves to create and play dance floor friendly music of many different tempos. His sets are filled with Funk, DNB, Glitch Hop, Reggae and Breaks all intricately woven through countless hours in the studio. The end of 2013 will be an exciting one as lots of new music is on the way from the Sticky one. Tours in CA / AU / NZ / UK / US and Europe are also all being planned as you read this. Expect even bigger things to come from the forward thinking and all around nice guy Stickybuds.
FL – What are your main music influences? What made you start producing music, specially Funk and Breaks?
I´ve loved all sorts of music over the years, from punk to rap, world beat, drum n´bass and funk... There are golden nuggets in all genres, so i take inspiration from everywhere. One of the main influences in me writing the midtempo style of music I write now would be A. Skillz, Fort Knox Five and Featurecast. I started producing music because I was drawn to it, and I wanted to add to the creative pool of sonic ideas. I fell in love with funk and breaks because funk is the sonic medicine for the soul... My soul atleast...
FL – Has much changed in your workflow since you started making music 10 years ago ?
I started Dj´ing 10 years ago, but really started writing music maybe 7 years ago... Wow that´s a long time now that I think about it haha. I learned on Logic and Protools when I went to audio school, and now I primarily use Ableton Live, and Logic on occasion. Not much has changed, it´s always an endeavour.
FL – What is your normal setup ? If Future Loops was to have a peek at your laptop and studio what hardware or software would we definitely find open ?
Ableton... Then a lot of plugs by Izotope, DMG Audio, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics and U-he... I just got a UAD Apollo Duo sound card, so starting to experiment with the UAD plugins.
FL- What´s the audio hardware of your dreams (and do you have it yet)?
Definitely not... I always fantasize about building the studio of my dreams, with tons of gear, but that´s not reality, so I´m pretty happy with what I have.
FL- What´s your favourite free plugin ?
I don´t have one actually.... I really love sampler in Ableton, so if you´ve bought Ableton it´s free... That one.
FL – What´s the importance of samples and loops in your productions ?
For writing funk based music samples are paramount... Unless you happen to have funk guitarists, horn players, bass players and singers at your disposal, you are going to have to rely some point on samples... I love sampling.
FL- Do you think a phat drum beat is critical to make a Breaks track standout ? Do you usually start your tunes with the beat ?
Great drums are super important in "Breaks" tracks... It´s important in any genre really... There are tunes I hear from some of my heroes where just the drums get me excited...
FL - Name 3 songs with drums that make you instantly go crazy ( in any style or genre ) !
I could name 50 songs that have amazing drums... Ruling out all the classic stuff like old James Brown records and focusing on some newer stuff of artists that I respect and love their production...
Smoove & Turrell - I Can´t Give you Up (A Skillz Remix)
The Correspondents - Well Measured Vice (Featurecast Remix)
Deekline & Ed Solo Ft Rubi Dan - Zunga
There are so many more than that...
FL – How do you see Breaks as a genre today and where do you think it is evolving to ?
I think it´s a big hodge podge of different genres, ideas and tempos... You have Glitch Hop, Midtempo Bootleg Funk Breaks Stuff, Moombahton and 5 other genres that people will argue about what it is... I think it´s an exciting time, as everyone can make music now, which (hopefully) leads to more creative ideas and ways of writing tunes... As long as it has some soul, good drums, good bass, and some kind of character to it... I´ll probably like it. It get´s boring when everyone just copies each other because they think that´s what the market wants....
FL – What are you listening to right now?
When I´m not writing music or getting ready for my dj sets I listen to a lot of reggae and world music... chiller slower stuff.. Right now I have been listening a lot to Sizzla´s new album Born a King that my friend Mista Savona produced. I also did a remix for the album with Ed Solo, but I just listen to the original album, it´s great. I also listen to a TON of Thievery Corporation, and a lot of the chill out music i collect.
FL - In conclusion a word to the Future Loops and Stickybuds fans out there. What are in your opinion the highlights of Stickybuds – Funk, Breaks & Bass and how do you see it being used?
Honestly I think the guitars that Basement Freaks recorded, and some of the funk breaks that I recorded with Warner are the most usable. I´m sure a lot of the bass tones and drums that I made other people might think are the most usable, but I have heard them a lot of times, so I´m more excited about the stuff I recorded for the pack... However I have heard a lot of tunes come out lately that sample the processed drums I created for the pack, so that always makes me happy that people are using them.


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